Formerly known as Consilience Technologies

How We Work

How We Work

We Partner differently

At Sofritek, we know that the best solutions come from the best partnerships. Our partners aren’t rewarded for selling pre-packaged software or endless upgrades. Our people and processes are aligned around one mission: to deliver highly scalable systems that turn terabytes of data into timely, actionable intelligence for thousands of business users.

Hallmarks of engaging with Softritek

Precise, fast

Updated, upgraded, future-proofed data engineering investments

Compressed time and expense to navigate the complex and fast-moving world of data technologies and automation

Direct engagement with engineering teams

Flexible frameworks to allow for quick changes to meet changing business needs

Small, flat, efficient teams


We bring a combined seven decades of the deepest expertise to the table, but we do so humbly. We ask questions, audit, and discover. We thrive off ongoing client feedback and engagement.


  1. Audit input and data sources for frequency, throughput, and access restrictions.
  2. Architect and customize data pipelines using the best solution for client’s type of data and requirements.
  3. Determine hardware requirement for proper sizing and machine specifications
  4. Create dashboards and rich, interactive front-ends for managing alerts and reports.