Formerly known as Consilience Technologies

About Us

Drowning in


while fishing for insights ?

Sofritek was formed by three colleagues and friends determined to reduce the time, pain and cost of transforming data-intensive businesses into data savvy ones. We have rich backgrounds in data engineering, quantitative development, algorithmic trading, capital markets, telecom, and financial technology. We use our expertise to offer data-intensive enterprises a better approach to data engineering.


We want you to do in

2 days

what used to take

2 months

We don’t think you need to start from scratch or have a revolving door of consultants and never-ending projects to retool your data assets to reveal business opportunities and be ready for the future of Big Data.

We know what it takes:

to get faster, better access to company data from across silos and streams
to quickly deliver real-time monitoring and alerting to improve decision-making
to work across technology platforms and tools so you can keep what’s working and only retool what’s not
to set the stage for advanced analytics with AI and Deep Learning

Partners First, Systems Second

Engage with Sofritek if you want a partner and not just another vendor.


We reject the idea that one size fits all.

We believe in small, flat, efficient teams.

We get in the trenches with your data and business challenges.

We work side-by-side with client engineers to deliver quick wins and long-lasting value.

Meet the partners

Amit Gupta

Co-founder and Managing Director
Amit has been using STEM to solve staggering problems and create unique opportunities for more than 20 years.

Viral Shah

Co-founder and Managing Director
Viral is a trusted consultant and enterprise architect, delivering ROI through agile data-engineering and software platforms.

Vinit Shah

Chief Architect
Vinit is the rare technologist who excels at everything from building a computer to programming a user interface.

Certified MBE