Formerly known as Consilience Technologies

Routing calls for cost effectiveness

Routing calls for cost effectiveness


Determining optimal routing to ensure cost effectiveness is important to ________ in an age where consumers have “All You Can Eat” minutes but pay a flat rate.


Provided a data platform capable of consuming more than 800M records per day in near real-time, enriched, stored and indexed
Added capability to review the routing taken by each call, more than 1Billion minutes of call data daily.
PRISM mashes the call route with the pricing tiers and determines any degradation with routing from a pricing standpoint.
If the call pricing is higher than configured threshold, the alerting platform takes over for alerting on routing
Misconfigured call routes that may be more expensive tiers are now caught in near real-time
If there are new routes that are getting heavier usage, the data is now available for better contract negotiation with intermediate carriers/interconnects.