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OATS and EBS Reg Reporting Remediation

OATS and EBS Reg Reporting Remediation


A banking client was looking for both data and process remediation for their OATS and Electronic Blue Sheets regulatory reports. The reports involved years of data across a number of legacy systems managed by a variety of vendors. The client was responsible for submitting the corrected reports to the regulatory agencies along with complete documentation outlining the data governance processes.


Extensive documentation of the data sources and their current state (accuracy and completeness) analysis
Interview with various data custodians and operational leads to document processes with emphasis on manual process and possible sources of errors
Reg reporting controls framework
Creating rules for verifying accuracy and completeness of reports and creating a testing framework to ensure future bug-free operations
Extensive data remediation and regeneration of historical reports

Business Advantage

Ability to manage all investment specific documentation, agreements, transactions, and pricing from a single comprehensive portal
A fully transparent reporting process with data controls and monitoring provides greater confidence in the accuracy of reports
The controls framework also make it easier to detect reporting anomalies and faster data remediation