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Portfolio Management System

Portfolio Management System


Our client was relying on a collection of Excel spreadsheets to manage their investment portfolio. As the portfolio grew and the risk and valuation models got more sophisticated, it became evident that they needed a solution to manage the investments and daily transactions more effectively.


We designed a custom web-based portal and migrated all the data to the cloud
Created a document management system to keep track of warrant covenants and contracts
Created a pricing tool to compare the warrant valuations across multiple models with the ability to improve the model using machine learning
Provided a timeline of all transactions and changes to the portfolio to provide a comprehensive audit trail

Business Advantage

Ability to manage all investment specific documentation, agreements, transactions, and pricing from a single comprehensive portal
Complete and secure access to all functionality from anywhere
New valuation and risk models allowed the client to compare different scenarios and manage investments more effectively
Allowed the client to grow the portfolio and manage the investments with the same team size