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Streamlined Investment Management Portal

Streamlined Investment Management Portal


A typical fund of funds has a number of front-office and mid-office challenges such as managing advisors, managing funds, funds marketing, client onboarding and client servicing. Our client was looking for a comprehensive solution to streamline the workflows, manage documents, reduce errors, and provide better tools for servicing clients, managing research, marketing funds and general reporting for their investors and advisors.


Using a microservices architecture, we built services for onboarding funds, onboarding advisors and investors, fund marketing, document management, and client servicing and reporting.
Sophisticated access control allows the client to onboard external advisors and segment their access.
Intuitive UX makes it easy for client services to onboard investors and manage documents.
The system is built to allow multiple tenants so it can be used to onboard external advisors and/or white label the platform.


The wealth management platform has reduced the workload and streamlined operations across all aspects of the business.
New funds can be created, marketed and managed with a few clicks.
Client reports are fully automated, and advisors have full access to all relevant research and current fund marketing documentation.
Rich dashboards allow the visualization of the portfolios in many different ways and provide new insights into risks and opportunities.